Core business values


Fairness – so that we can unequivocally apply the solidarity principle to our business activities.

  • We place value on solidarity, which is why we do not cross-subsidize by offsetting high-risk affiliated companies against advantageous ones.
  • We do not ‘cherry pick’ among potential affiliated companies, with the exception of data gathered during a risk analysis.
  • New affiliated companies are not given preferential treatment over existing ones or vice versa.


Consistency – so that we can respond to risks and opportunities in a considered manner.

  • Staying true to ourselves is at the heart of our business policies.
  • Unstable investment policies which change depending on circumstances are out of the question.
  • We never yield to short-term trends when defining our investment policies.

Long-term orientation

Long-term orientation – so that we can ensure success in the future.

  • When planning capital investments and market presence, the foundation’s management focuses on developing entrepreneurial success in the long term.
  • Entrepreneurial growth should not take place overnight but instead be achieved in a considered manner.

Open attitude

An open attitude – so that we are perceived as partners and individual

  • All potential affiliated companies are treated the same, no matter whether they have 1 or 100 employees.
  • Standardised offerings are undesirable – potential affiliated companies receive individualized offers including all legal options.
  • As a rule, where it can be proven that pensions being paid out by a potential affiliated company to former employees are sufficiently financed, the IntegralStiftung will take over all obligations.

Pricing policies

Pricing policies – so that we can act clearly, reliably and credibly.

IntegralStiftung pricing policies are based on, and applied according to, the following key parameters:

  • Affiliated company premiums which are as low as possible so that no bonus payments to affiliated companies are required because premiums are too high;
  • No dumping prices to undercut competitors;
  • Our own initiative for regular recalculation of premiums to achieve individual premium reductions for affiliated companies.

Recalculation of our own premiums when our reinsurer reduces their premium.

Setting of prices without a profit margin.


Transparency – so that we can present key information in a way which is easy to understand.

  • Our offers are characterized by identification of administrative costs.
  • Frank reporting on business performance, come “rain” or “shine”, always.

Focus on insured persons

With a focus on insured persons – so that we know what we are doing or not doing.

  • Administrative and risk costs are kept as low as possible by carrying out all tasks relating to management and customer service ourselves.
  • As a matter of principle and in every context our contacts with potential affiliated companies are governed by the following concepts – no conflict of interests, no bonus mentality, no offsetting transactions.
  • Our insured person-focused services are characterized by pricing policies and interest on pension assets and/or on employer contribution reserves; the conversion rate; a 13th month pension; cost-of-living adjustment for all types of pensions and a lump sum payable on death following retirement.

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