Annual financial statement to 31.12.2019

Change and New Challenges

Pool 25 was terminated and dissolved at the end of the Financial Year 2019, whilst still being in a positon of financial strength. Integral thus decided on a long-term and well-proven financial investment strategy with a high proportion of stocks and shares. Growth is not particularly envisaged, but also not dismissed, whilst the financial and structural quality of the Integral Fund can thus be improved. The new corporate homepage website portal has been introduced with great success. Data protection measures and security are therefore emphasised even more greatly.





Performance indicators to 31.12.2019

Performance indicators Pool 60-plus
Performance 19.5%
Coverage ratio 113.9%
Fluctuation reserves 85%
Balance sheet total CHF 1'201 Mio.
Number of affiliations 417
Number of active insured persons 5'615
Number of pensioners (excl. short-term pensions) 882
Percentage of pensioners 13.6%
Interest on pension assets 5.00%
Interest on employer contribution reserves 2.5%
Cost-of-living adjustment for pensions 0%
Voluntary 13th month pension 100%
Technical rate of interest 2.75%

Interest rates in 2019

Interest rates: Pool 60-plus
Interest on pension asstes: 5.00%
Interest on employer contribution reserves: 2.50%
Interest on pension fund disposable assets: 1.25%

Benefits for pensioners

Benefits in 2019 Pool 60-plus
Voluntary 13th month pension: 100%
Cost-of-living adjustment: 0%

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