Annual financial statement to 31.12.2020

Firstly, things turn out differently, and secondly, they don't turn out the way you think

No one can avoid Corona in 2020. All of Integral's business units were affected to one degree or another. An abnormal year came to an end. Nevertheless, the slightly positive annual result does not suggest an actual crisis. Once again, Integral's high standard of digitalisation was a great help.






Performance indicators to 31.12.2020

Performance 1.7%
Coverage ratio 111.8%
Fluctuation reserves 72%
Balance sheet total CHF 1'309 Mio.
Number of affiliations 464
Number of active insured persons 6'137
Number of pensioners (excl. short-term pensions) 1'003
Percentage of pensioners 14.0%
Interest on pension assets 2.00%
Interest on employer contribution reserves 1.0%
Cost-of-living adjustment for pensions 0%
Voluntary 13th month pension 0%
Technical rate of interest 2.75%

Interest rates in 2020

Interest on pension asstes: 2.00%
Interest on employer contribution reserves: 1.00%
Interest on pension fund disposable assets: 0.50%

Benefits for pensioners

Benefits in 2020
Voluntary 13th month pension: 0%
Cost-of-living adjustment: 0%

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